Goodwood 75th Members’ Meeting.

The Goodwood circuit is a key part of any UK car enthusiasts year, with the main attraction undoubtedly being the Festival of Speed. In addition to the Goodwood Members Meeting and Revival Lord March hosts a variety of other events including the Revival.

So far I’ve attended 2 Festival of Speeds and 1 cars and coffee. Thus far I haven’t managed to attend the Revival or Members’ Meeting.

This picture was taken on track at Goodwood during the ‘Pursuit of Performance’ run up event to the Festival of Speed 2016.75th Goodwood Members Meeting 2017

As you can see, the circuit doesn’t need much of an excuse to attract some rare and exciting automobiles (F1 GTR Longtail, road legal P1 GTR and XP2R P1 prototype)

The Members’ Meeting had never really caught my attention before this year. I’ve just bought my ticket and I’m rather excited considering the caliber of the events of the last 2 years.

So, what is the Members’ meeting and what’s it all about?

Its inception was in 1948 where it was inaugurated by the 9th Duke of Richmond at the Goodwood circuit. This initial event was created for the British Automobile Racing Club. The events were unfortunately short lived with the last happening on the 2nd July 1966 due to the cessation of racing at the Goodwood circuit. In 18 years the organisers managed to fit 71 of these meetings in, an impressive achievement!

It was eventually brought back as a response to the outcry from the current members and enthusiasts who wanted to experience these magical events as something a little more tangible than story alone. In 2014 the first ‘modern’ Members’ Meeting returned with a bang, literally! The archaic, but much loved classic Le Mans and race cars thundered into action and charged around the Goodwood circuit lead by a Ferrari F40 standing in as pace car.

The 73rd Meet in 2015 played host to an impressive group of 16 McLaren F1 GTRs that weren’t static. Nor were they simply precious objects detailed to perfection only to be marveled at before being quickly loaded back into their awaiting trucks. Oh no! These race cars fulfilled their purpose. 2016, the 74th Meeting, delivered races from Ford GT40s and Porsche 917s.

The next Goodwood Members’ Meeting is the 75th. If the preceding years can offer such spectacles, then I most certainly want to be there for the next. It takes place in March 2017 and I recommend buying a ticket if you can. If you can’t, tune into Goodwood’s Youtube Channel to catch the action live (or mine for a highlight video).










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