The Lamborghini with the Hottest exhaust in the World!

Let me clarify something straight away. The thumbnail for this blog isn’t edited in anyway and although I can’t verify my title, this Lamborghini is definitely a contender. Now that’s out of the way, lets get into my tale.

There’s a group online called ‘Exotic cars of London’ who sporadically organise performance car meets in (I’m sure you can guess where) London and the surrounding area. Last year they held an event at the legendary Ace Cafe and as I had never been there before I decided to grab my camera and head down. There’s actually a little bit more to my reasoning than that…

Leading up to the event I had seen other people’s videos of this particular Aventador exhibiting its newly enhanced ability. As a content creator, it could be quite good to capture such a vehicle and publish it online. It’s not every day you see 3ft flames shooting out the back of car on purpose. As the event drew closer I began to hear rumours of it’s attendance. I think someone on some social media platform confirmed it’s RSVP to the event only a few hours before the scheduled start time. It was at that point I decided I had to go!

Fashionably late

Fashionably late is the theme of this next section, but we’ll get back to that a bit later. I arrived to Lamborghinithe event and was greeted by a formidable line of old and new Nissan GT-Rs with the one closest owned by Fifa YouTuber Ezekiel. The picture is quite dark, but his car (during that time at least) was wrapped in chrome rose gold by none other than Yiannimize and was fitted with a full ArmyTrix exhaust system. As you can imagine, when ARMYTRIX get involved there’s usually going to be flames or at least ear splitting noise. As well as the Lamborghini I also filmed this GT-R spitting flames, but it didn’t end here. Shortly after this some more cars turned up and a Vauxhall Astra VXR decided it was his turn to start the BBQ. Maybe I’m closed minded, but I certainly didn’t expect to see an Astra at the event, let alone shooting flames.

I think I forgot to mention an important factor about this event. It was held in winter. I (and most likely everyone else) began to get extremely cold (despite all the open flames) as the night progressed and so my impatience for the main event grew. Car after car rolled in until the compact Ace Cafe car park was packed with both cars and admirers. Owners started popping the bonnets of their cars to showcase well polished modifications, rev the stock or aftermarket exhausts (with or without flames), charge up the road and generally try to make the most the night. As capacity was reached and people even began leaving, I started losing hope when I could no longer feel my fingers, but just as I my mind was almost made up to turn around I heard the organiser say ‘he’s on his way’. Such a statement must surely regard ‘the main event’?

The Main Event

About 20 minutes later I hear the instantly recognisable high pitched, naturally aspirated V12 of an Aventador. “Finally!” I exclaimed to myself. The Lambo instantlyLamborghini demanded attention from the frozen crowd just by being a Lamborghini. It soon reminded me why I came in the first place. The car was immediately parked up, driver welcomed and no more time was wasted. They knew what we all wanted. The pre-warmed exhaust was set to it’s demonic work shooting exhaust flames bigger that I had ever seen before. The accompanying noise was agonizingly beautiful, but that didn’t stop me trying my best to cover my ears with my frozen hands. After about 5 minutes of crowd warming and deafening the Aventador’s Fi exhaust was glowing red hot. Everyone seemed to appreciate it as a crowd bigger than any other that night congregated around the car. Each person with a camera or phone in hand. Soon after (and most likely before it ran out of fuel) the automotive guardian to the underworld ceased it’s display and made it’s way the the exit after a short break.

I decided to follow suit and get home so I could upload the madness I had just witnessed. Find the full video here. I look forward to the next Exotic Cars of London meet!



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