Porsche 911R for £650,000

There’s currently a well known UK car dealership selling a 911R for £650,000, but we’ll get back to that a bit later, first, let’s explore the 911R in a bit more detail.

What is the 911R?

The 911R is, to take the words straight from Porsche’s mouth, ‘A homage. A rebirth’. It is an attempt to create one it’s dream machines of the 1970’s, but with modern technology. It is an attempt to create the ‘ultimate driver’s car’. Something I feel like Porsche are always trying to do.

911rThe engine is straight from the widely adored 991 GT3 RS which means you get a 4L 493bhp, naturally aspirated flat 6 with 339lb ft of torque. Porsche purists weren’t pleased about the decision to make the 991 GT3 and GT3 RS PDK only. They thought, potentially quite rightly, that it removed a lot of the direct driver input that comes with a stick shift. So with the new 911R they’ve thrown out the PDK and welcomed in a 6-speed manual that saves 20kg on the automatic.

Another ‘benefit’ over the RS is the amount of weight reduction Porsche have managed to achieve. The R has a kurb weight of 1370kg which is 50kg lighter than the RS. As previously mentioned, 20kg of that was from the gearbox alone. There’s also a lot of carbon fibre on the front and in even inside – the tartan trimmed, carbon backed bucket seats must only weigh a few Kgs each. In addition to this it gets carbon ceramic breaks as standard and rear wheel steer that inevitably creates an even more precise cornering experience. So as you can see, it’s a really well sorted car and oh, it’s limited to 991 worldwide production cars. As you can imagine, there’s probably quite a bit of demand for it.

911R for £650,000

That probably explains the 4.7X resale price the UK dealership are asking for it. The 911R was originally priced at £136,901 just a touch (for those who have the kind of money to buy one) over the base price of the GT3 RS. The dealership in question are extremely well respected and always have a very impressive stock. Other than the R they currently have a 991 and 997 GT3 RS, 16M and 458 Speciale. The R is undoubtedly an impressive car, potentially the best driver’s car of the year and limited to only 991 examples a price increase is expected, but do you think it’s worth an almost 5x inflation? Let me know in the comments section below.



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