The only Shelby Super Snake demonstrator in the UK!

When asked “What is a rare modern day supercar?” I’m positive most people would say Bugatti, Ferrari, McLaren or maybe even Pagani. With some of those examples they’d be right. The aforementioned manufacturers often produce models limited to 499 or 500 cars, sometimes even less. Now, I’m sure Shelby wouldn’t necessarily want to be classified as a ‘supercar manufacturer’ but instead, a good ol’ boy muscle car builder. However, their most recent Super Snake has over 800bhp and 640lb ft of torque so they’re certainly pushing out the right numbers. This car, in the UK at least, is really quite rare. There are currently only a handful produced and with a UK based build capacity of 12 a year, their numbers will be low for some time.

The ONLY Super Snake in the UK

shelby super snake

UK and EU Shelby aficionado and producer Bill Shepherd Mustang (BSM) recently announced their latest Shelby Snake demonstrator, and it’s the only one in the UK. It’s made from a stock 5L V8 Ford Mustang GT that has it’s innards (and most of it’s exterior) removed and replaced with swollen archers, carbon wings and bonnet, a 2.9l Whipple supercharger and carbon intake kit.

That all comes together to create the power output I mentioned at the start of this blog and as it’s based on a standard GT you still have all the comfort and convenience. Granted, it is lowered and made slightly wider and the Borla Performance exhaust sounds like it could challenge Thor at top revs, but are they really bad things? I’ll let yoshelby super snakeu decide!

If this 800bhp+ monster intrigues you then make sure you head over to BSM asap so you can take advantage of the only drivable Shelby Super Snake demonstrator in the UK (and possibly Europe). Alternatively, if you desire such a weapon you could go there and just buy one for yourself! I’ll leave that up to you.


What do you think about the Super Snake? Ridiculous or awesome?


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