The Most Insane car spotter reaction I’ve ever seen!

In 2015, after watching videos of previous events, I decided to fly to Monaco to attend the annual spring car show – Top Marques. In the videos I watched I saw Hyper and supercars galore with revs, burnouts and even flames. I also saw some rather insane car spotter reactions, one in particular where a revving Aventador appears to turn these enthusiasts into zombies. If you’re into the automotive social media scene, I’m sure you know the video I’m talking about. Tens of young guys follow it down the road with cameras out seemingly unaware of the traffic and potential danger behind them. Before I get into my story I want to explore what Top Marques Monaco in more detail.

Top Marques Monaco

Top Marques Monacoinsane car spotter reaction is now in it’s 14th year and aims to showcase, not just the world’s best automobiles, but also boats, watches and technological innovations such as the world’s ‘first personal jet pack’ and the worlds ‘fastest electric bike’. Each year it’s VIP entrants are welcomed to selectively test drive a fleet of supercars that have been lined up outside for photo opportunities. It is held at the Grimaldi forum events centre which is on the sea front and is not so far from the iconic Fairmont hotel.

The Most Insane car spotter reaction I’ve ever seen!

Up until this point I hadn’t attended any proper car shows as I only decided to start casually uploading car videos to YouTube about 6 months prior. As a result I was naive to the lengths some people will go to to get the perfect shot. I can’t say I was totally ignorant to the fact some people pursue certain cars, but I wasn’t prepared for what I saw in Monaco on my first night.

After the show I decided to do a bit of sightseeing so I grabbed dinner at the Cafe de Paris in Casino Square. While I sat eating my delicious seafood meal I couldn’t help but notice the seemingly endless smarty pack of exotic cars driving past. As I had my camera with me I was hardly going to let a content opportunity like this get away. After my meal I stepped outside into the warm, setting sun and set up shop at the top of the hill by the Hotel de Paris or turn 4 on the F1 circuit.

insane car spotter reactionThe first thing I saw were the crazy tuned machines from the aftermarket specialists Prior Design and soon after 2 Lamborghini Murcielago Superveloces rolled by. I realised I had hit a gold mine! After this only the odd 458, 12c or Rolls-Royce (you know, the ‘common muck’) drove past for an hour or so until a convoy featuring a liberty walk LB performance 458, 458 Speciale Aperta and a Mosler showed up. Unsurprisingly, this sent the crowd of camera equipped young guys that had gathered in the near vicinity wild, but not as wild as what was about to arrive.

Another 30 minutes went by with nothing of any real interest making an appearance and as I had to catch a train I decided to head home for the night. As I was making my way down the hill (or turn 3 on the F1 circuit) something chrome caught my eye. It was low and emitted an equally low frequency. A Veyron! I’ll admit it, I quickly released my camera from it’s case and made my way back up the hill to the casino…rather quickly. I beat it to the top and as the formidable Bugatti swiftly pulled into Casino square I witnessed what this blog is all about – The Most Insane car spotter reaction I’ve ever seen!

insane car spotter reaction really doesn’t show quite how manic it was, but what you can see is 10’s of young guys literally chasing the car through the square. I had never seen anything like it. I tried my best to keep my dignity so didn’t pursue in quite the same way, plus I noticed it was going to do a loop so the most sensible thing was to go the opposing route. When the car eventually came to a standstill outside the Hotel de Paris the crowd zero’d in and surrounded it. I wonder if the driver expected such a reaction on his innocent way to dinner?

This event was certainly unforgettable and that’s why I decided to dedicate a blog to it. What do you think of the reactions like those in my video? pointless or justified? Either way, this was definitely the most insane car spotter reaction I’ve ever seen!

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