Kids Pester Purple Velvet Rolls-Royce Owner.

Today’s blog is another story from the archive. It’s a recollection of an experience from summer 2015 when I spent most of my days prowling the streets of London. This story is about the time I saw kids pestering a purple velvet Rolls-Royce owner.

If you’re here you’re most likely a car enthusiast of some kind, or a family member I’ve coerced into reading this. In both cases, thank you! If you’re an enthusiast you probably understand the desire to caress (both with your eyes and hands) the exotic car of your dreams or one that’s standing right in front of you! Coming across cars of a certain calibre are exceptionally rare occasions for most of us. As they’re usually crafted in a way we’ve never personally experienced, the desire to feel the materials for ourselves can be a genuine want. I get it! My YouTube forte is in-depth tours. I love experiencing ‘rare’ cars in a very intimate way confined typically only to owners.

However, there are limitations to this. One of those, in my opinion at least, is physically chasing a car down and then asking to sit inside the car until the owner either gives in or pulls out a bat (or worse). I witnessed such an occasion in mid-summer 2015.

Purple Velvet and Gold Rolls-Royce. 

Kids Pester Purple Velvet Rolls-Royce OwnerThe car originally caught my (and everyone else’s) attention because of it’s very ‘unique’ design. It’s covered in a purple velvet wrap with gold accents on the spirit of ecstasy,  front grille, wing mirrors, wheels and badges. I believe there have been 1 or 2 other cars wrapped in this way, but this was the first time I ever saw such individuality. As it drove past people shouted out with fingers pointed in it’s direction. As it came to a standstill in traffic people ran up to have a quick feel… Of course I had to make a video

Kids Pester Purple Velvet Rolls-Royce Owner.

As the car drove around the corner I noticed a group of kids chasing after it. I decided to follow. At this point I have to admit I was pointing a camera at this guy’s car, but I feel it’s less invasive than the upcoming behaviour.

As it stopped I noticed the kids circling the guy as he stepped down from his exalted placeKids Pester Purple Velvet Rolls-Royce Owner and started asking if they could sit in the passenger seat. He was reluctant so politely refused. This didn’t stop them. They persisted and asked if they could sit in the driver’s seat. Once again he politely refused. However, their unceasing persistence ended up being the victor and the owner eventually gave in and let them sit in the passenger seat.

I realise it must be quite annoying going out for a casual drive and ending up being filmed wherever you go. I get that, but I’ll reiterate my point that filming such a random car is far less invasive than being pestered by a group of kids.

What do you think about how these kids pestered this purple velvet Rolls-Royce owner? Is it OK? or is it inappropriate?

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