McLaren BP23 Hyper GT confirmed!

McLaren has announced what many predicted earlier in the year, a ‘Hyper GT’ codenamed ‘BP23’.

McLaren BP23It follows the 3 seat configuration of the F1, but fills an entirely new market. It’s predecessors (F1 and P1) were performance focused, whereas this new marque aims to bring hyper car performance to the GT car format. The children of the McLaren family – the 570s and 570GT – can be used as an example of how this might work. Imagine a P1, but with an extra seat, more storage space and luxury.

Following on from the P1 it will have a similar hybrid power unit, most probably based on the thoroughbred 3.8l turbo that is found in McLaren’s other models.

When can we expect to see the McLaren BP23? Reports currently say early 2019 meaning the next 2 Geneva Motorshows could be very interesting indeed, but let’s be honest, when are they not?

McLaren Special Operations (MSO) have been given the task of crafting all 106 units that have apparently already all be sold. I imagine they were offered to P1 and F1 customers who couldn’t wait to get their hands on a new McLaren Hypercar. The car will feature powered doors for extra convenience and will be constructed out of ‘shrink wrapped’ carbon fibre’. All of that sounds extremely exciting and I for one can’t wait!

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