Rare Reventon Coupe and Roadster on sale together!

Prestige UK car dealership Supervettura currently have a pair of extremely rare Lamborghini Reventons for sale; both a coupe and a roadster.

Anyone who frequents or is simply aware of Supervettura will know they always have an impressive collection of marques on display. As the UK home of Koenigsegg they’re sure to have at least hypercar in at all times, but now they have a pair of Italy’s finest. In case you’re not aware, I’ll give you a bit of background on the Reventon just so you understand quite how rare these cars are.

Lamborghini Reventon

The Reventon comes in two, equally angular forms: Coupe and Roadster. 20 were built of the former, with only 15 of the latter. So as you can see, they’re very limited edition. While Ferrari maintained their eternal focus on flowing lines, lamborghini decided to find influence from an F-22 Raptor jet. Mechanically, it’s based on the LP-640 Murcielago, but it did receive a slight power upgrade. It’s 6.4l V12 has been uprated by 10bhp on the standard Murcielago so now produces 641bhp and 487lb ft of torque.

Lamborghini Reventon coupe roadster for saleHowever, even though every Lamborghini is meant to wale and scream and tear up the concrete its driven on, the aim of the Reventon wasn’t just that. It was created to push to boundaries of design, manufacturing and technology that was incorporated into cars at the time. It is constructed from carbon fibre and offers external lines like no other previously seen in the automotive industry with an aim to pave the way for the Aventador. It’s internal controls don’t just look ‘inspired’ by a fighter jet, they look positively stolen from one. It’s even possible to alternate between the one above and a slightly more commonplace version at the press of a button.

Supervettura have 2 for sale…

Lamborghini Reventon coupe roadster for saleDespite the cars extreme rareness and having no apparent affiliation with Lamborghini, Supervettura have managed to acquire one of each type. For any budding collector with an appropriately sized wallet I imagine these stunning cars can be purchased individually or as a pair (with the latter deal probably having significant financial benefits).

However, if you’re like me and you don’t have an appropriately sized bank account, but you love rare cars, it’s probably still worth going down to have a look, but be quick! I’m sure they won’t be around for long! (and remember, don’t touch!)

Yes, I’ve made a video of both!

The kind gents at Supervettura often let me film for my YouTube channel. If you follow me I imagine you would’ve already noticed and if not, have a look here.¬†Lamborghini reventon

A few weeks ago was lucky enough to film a full in-depth tour of the Lamborghini Reventon Coupe which has done very well. As soon as I noticed the roadster in the showroom I simply jumped at the opportunity to film it. Now, that video wont be out for a week or so, but I will tease you with one of my trademark key thumbnails. Stay tuned for more!

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