Rosberg Retires from F1!

‘Rosberg Retires from F1!’ a headline Martin Brundle didn’t believe at first. In a recent, and rather unexpected¬†Facebook post, new F1 World Champion Nico Rosberg outlined his plans to retire with immediate effect and his reasons why.

After winning a World Championship many would feel motivated to push on to see how many crowns they could gather. There are countless examples of this in F1 and most probably other forms of motor racing too, but Nico has taken a very different approach.

After 25 years of pushing to attain a single goal he feels, now that goal has been achieved, like it is finally time to hang his F1 racing boots up for the last time. And really, who could blame him?

This has been hailed as a very ‘classy move’ by many and I have to say that I share this sentiment. He is not being pushed by greed or aspirations of grandeur to be known as the greatest living F1 driver of all time. Maybe that’s because he knows he’s not? Maybe it’s because he might not get another chance at the championship? Who knows….

 Rosberg retires f1What we do know is that he has accomplished his goal, something he refers to as ‘so damn tough’. I doubt this is an exaggeration considering how packed full F1 drivers’ lives are, they need to take; fitness, training, physio and nutrition extremely seriously and be able to compete with professional athletes in terms of their fitness level. Additionally, they have intense media and corporate responsibilities so to satisfy their and their teams’ sponsors as well as fierce competition both on and off circuit with each other. Really, I’m not surprised Nico is ready to retire to his Monaco abode and help his wife with childcare duties and ‘turn the next corner…to see what it has in store’.

The next big question is ‘who will get his seat?’. There are many well qualified contenders: Wehrlein, Verstappen, Vettel or even Alonso. This is the opportunity he was biding his time at McLaren for after-all… Time will tell.

What do you think? Surprised? Or did you and your crystal ball expect this?



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