Aston Martin Hypercar Set to Beat 250mph and Sold Out!

In a recent interview it was confirmed that the upcoming Aston Martin Hypercar is now (unsurprisingly) sold out and will be crafted with a goal to beat 250mph/402kph.

Australian automotive news site ‘Motoring‘ recently conducted an in-depth interview with the CEO of Aston Martin, Andy Palmer that unearthed quite a bit about their future AM-RB 001. Before we go into the juicy details, let’s remind ourselves what this car (and project) is all about.

Aston Martin AM-RB 001

aston martin hypercarEarlier in the year, the 5th of July to be exact, Aston Martin released an official press statement outlining their concept – To build a world breaking Hypercar. In it, they talk about their new partnership with the Red Bull racing (denoting the ‘RB’ in the code name), specifically, Adrian Newey the master designer who helped Red Bull to 4 World Championships. To accomplish this goal, Mr Newey has been partnered with Aston Martin’s VP and Chief Creative Officer Marek Reichman and David King, VP and Chief Special Operations Officer.

What’s the ambition? 

To build a hypercar that incorporates F1 technology and performance with Aston Martin’s expertise in high performance, luxury road cars. The AM-RB 001 will have a naturally aspirated V12 with a displacement of between 6 and 7 litres and will rev up to 9500rpm. So it’ll be a screamer, quite like its track only cousin the Vulcan. If all of that wasn’t enough it will also have an 80bhp KERS style system for when it’s ‘standard’ performance just isn’t enough… Overtaking an Aventador on Sloane Street for example..

aston martin hypercarThe team want the car to fit into the 1:1 category (1 bhp per kg of weight) so we can only imagine it’ll be formed from a carbon monocoque and not much else. It’s flowing form and F1 like front wing hint to the level of aero that will be going on under the car – Venturi tunnels and probably much more wizardry than I know about. It also features a carbon wing at the rear and a singular 918 esque top mounted exhaust (that will probably aid down-force by blowing against said wing) To deal with all the difference forces that will be at work the partnership will develop their own suspension and transmission systems.

All of this is with an ambition to beat 250mph/402kph top speed and an almost certain 0-62 mph or 100kph time of less than 3 seconds. It’s going to be quite a car!

So, is the Aston Martin Hypercar is going to be a hit? 

It already is!

In the interview, Dr Palmer mentions how all 150 road going AM-RB 001s have already been pre-ordered. In addition, there’s word that Aston Martin plan to make a small number of track only cars. With the projected performance of the road fairing monsters, who knows what unnatural feats these will be able to achieve?!

The exterior of the Aston Martin Hypercar is 95% complete in it’s current form so we already have a pretty good idea of how it will look. What do you think? Yay or nay?

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