The First Lamborghini Veneno In The UK!

Yesterday, the 20th December 2016, the UK was greeted by it’s first ever Lamborghini Veneno! A car with only 3 owners of the coupe version and a price tag that made it the most expensive car in the world. I was lucky enough to see and film it. Here’s the video  and here’s my account!

The Journey to the UK’s first Veneno.

The night before, Lamborghini London posted a picture informing their followers about the imminent next day arrival of the Veneno. I immediately went online to pay the congestion charge for the next day and rushed to the petrol station to get fuel.

The next day started off for me at 7am when I awoke to a typically dark mid winter morning in the UK. Thoughts of rush hour traffic came into my mind now and then that made me want to stay in bed, but I re-focused on what the day was really about and forced myself out of bed. Breakfast eaten, shower taken and camera gear loaded into my car I set off for central London. On my way out of my home county the sun broke the horizon in the most spectacular way – swollen and red it sat there illuminating the sky. If only I took a picture…

With my spirits equally brightened I continued on my way, first along the M25 and then the M3 (motorways/highways). I have to say, I was surprised by the lack of traffic, I honestly expected it to be horrendous. Approximately 45 minutes later I arrived in central London. The sun was thankfully still shining away and the sky was cloudless and blue. My next task was to find a parking space. The dealership the car was coming to is based in South Kensington which, as it turns out, is quite easy to park in. However, it’s quite expensive! I paid for parking from 9am – 5pm (to make sure I had every opportunity to get my footage as we weren’t told an arrival time) and it cost me a whopping £36!

Anyway, car parked and bank account bled I walked up to the dealership. It was still freezing and I hoped to find somewhere to spend the day waiting to avoid getting too cold. I arrived at the dealership only about 10 minutes after it had opened so I decided to go in and introduce myself. You never know what may come from an honest introduction.

Still none the wiser to the unicorns ETA I set up shop in the Starbucks next to the dealership and began the waiting game. One thing I didn’t say before is that parking for me was split into 2 4 hour stints so I knew at 13:16 I had to move my car. I prayed the Veneno would arrive before then! What happens if all the action happens while I’m moving my car? It would be desperately disappointing!

It was still bitterly cold, but the presence of the sun was warming. After 3.5 hour wait and many comfort breaks I decided to buy lunch and move my car to avoid a ticket or worse…clamping. As I walked out of my waiting room aka Starbucks I noticed a small crowd of young guys had started, all clutching their cameras. ‘It must be coming soon!’ I thought to myself so I hurried down to relocate the car so to get back asap.

Car moved I made my way back up to the dealership and sat back down in a building next to it. Hunger started banging from within as I had eaten anything substantial since 7am so I decided to have my bagel. Literally after my 3rd bite a classic car delivery truck drove past. Could it be? About 10 minutes later the truck pulled up out the dealership and was immediately surrounded by excited car enthusiasts. I stuffed what was left of my bagel into its bag, then rushed out to join the growing crowd.

A slight road, the truck acted as a cork blocking all traffic behind so the driver was swiftly accosted by motorists wanting to continue on their way. Anticipation grew as the driver got back in and had to move the truck forward gradually. The ‘enthusiasts’ followed behind slowly, zombie like in their way.

lamborghini veneno londonFinally in an appropriate position the truck stopped, the driver got out and began lowering the rear door. As the door slowly fell we all got our first glimpses of the incredibly rare car sitting inside, on top of a none other than a Mercedes Gull wing. The enthusiasts and I jostled for the best vantage point. This was our one and only chance to film this car being unloaded, starting up and being precariously maneuvered into the showroom.

lamborghini veneno londonThe car started up and was moved slowly back, nail bitingly far back until it finally halted and was lowered down. As it came down It’s extreme exterior design became more apparent and that well know front end was finally in view. I was concerned with getting some good exhaust/moving sounds at first and knew I could get some shots of the front later on so I stayed at the rear. People driving past blasted their horns and one white van driver even shouted profanities at one point as the road swelled with bodies. Insanity!

lamborghini veneno londonThe car was the reversed back until it met the only dip in the pavement. The driver swung it round and positioned it outside the showroom. I knew this was my chance to get a shot of the front so I made my move through the crowd.



lamborghini veneno londonThe road based spaceship then made its final approach so I decided to go to the showroom doors to get its reversing in and then finally being locked away.




lamborghini veneno london

Stunned and amazed by the fiasco I had just witnessed and been a part of I decided to get to the car asap, get home, edit my footage and get the resulting video online! It can be watched here!

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