My Insane Track Run in the Abarth 124 Rally

My Insane Track Run in the Abarth 124 Rally

As you may or may not know, about 6 months ago I bought an Abarth 595 Competizione 180. I had been looking for a new car for sometime and after a few hiccups I finally decided to buy the 595. Now, at the time of purchase I had no idea it could lead to content opportunities/life experiences (although as a YouTuber the hope of partnering with the brand of car you own is always a dream), but recently I was offered something I simply couldn’t refuse. Thanks to my enduring efforts on YouTube and ownership of my pocket rocket, @AbarthUK offered my the opportunity to have a passenger ride in their 124 Rally car, which was set to make its début at Rockingham Motor Circuit.

It was all scheduled for their yearly Abarth day on the 20th May, where enthusiasts come from all over the UK to celebrate everything Abarth. There were passenger rides and driving experiences on the slalom course and track itself, VR and RC experiences, f1 wheel change competition and many historic cars to learn about.

I was one of the lucky few booked in for a ride in the rally and when my turn came I cant deny feeling a little nervous…I secured my helmet with its GoPro, slid myself in to the bucket seat and fastened my 4 point harness. It was hot, the harness was tight and thanks to necessary weight reduction, it was very loud. As the green light was given the pro driver clonked the car into first gear and took off onto the circuit. By the exit of the first corner I could already tell the 124 Rally was quick. The vibrations were huge and the rate at which it could corner was immense – throwing me from right to left and back again. However, what was most surprising was its braking ability. I had never felt such savage braking! At the entrance to every high speed apex I was thrown forward in my harness with my eyes and spine left behind only to be collected again thanks to the acceleration out of it.

The level of thrill and adrenaline produced from this experience kept me buzzing during my otherwise dull 2 hours drive home. All I can say is that it kept up to what should be expected from Abarth.

A final thought? If you want an Abarth, have an Abarth, used to own an Abarth or are just interested in the brand, make sure you head down to your countries next Abarth day!

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