What did my family and I think of the 2017 Lexus RX 450h?

For those of you who follow my content regularly, you would have seen that Lexus Guildford recently loaned me a premium spec 2017 RX 450h for 24h (which can be seen here). This is Lexus’ flagship SUV which has recenrly had a bit of a facelift. The new version of the car has received quite a lot of improvement work, both inside and out so, as well as the usual in-depth tour, I wanted to create something a little bit different to highlight how good (or bad) it is. My YouTube channel has always been the automotive world through my eyes so I wanted to change things up a bit, by bringing in some other perspectives. Fortunately I had such an opportunity as I was required to collect my family from a local airport, some 35 miles away.

Now, my family aren’t exactly ‘car people’, that’s not to say they can’t appreciate something nice when they see it, and they’re definitely sticklers for quality, but they don’t have the same fascination (or obsession maybe?) for cars as I. However, I thought this could work to my advantage as they will be bringing relatively fresh senses that will only be looking for quality, comfort, convenience etc and won’t be weighed down by the technical aspects or be blunted by a constant connection to different cars. Unfortunately none of them wanted to be on camera so the only way I could extract their newly found impressions was to bug them for days to send me a few sentences over Facebook.

I can understand you may think I simply created the statements below, but I assure you, 100%, I bugged my family for days to send me these. They aren’t biased, they aren’t forced one way or the other. They are simply a reflection of what my family thought of the car during the drive back from the airport.

Father: My first impression of the Lexus was of elegance and style. Inside I was impressed by the leather upholstery and the comfort of the seat. I also found the cabin very light and spacious. Travelling on a hot day the aircon was more than enough. The hybrid engine was smooth and quiet but the power was there when needed with firm suspension. All in all a quality car.

Mother: I have always associated Lexus cars with class and comfort and the RX 450h has a wealth of both. It certainly has the wow factor at first glance. Inside it is comfortable and spacious, even for back seat passengers. I especially liked the sun roof, phone charging pad and plenty of little storage spaces.

Sister: It was bigger than I thought it was going to be. Inside it was really chic and I loved the cream and dark brown interior. It was also extremely comfortable and I thought the sat nav display was really impressive. It was surprisingly quiet- literally heard nothing at all. More than just a drive, it was a step into luxury.

As you can see, a very positive review from all parties. In my video I do highlight some of the things I didn’t think were quite as impressive and I’d like to add one more, just to counterbalance all that unbridled positivity. As the driver and primary control operator I actually found the satnav quite hard to use. I found selecting the exact location I wanted to travel to challenging, moreover, the mouse controller can be a little tricky at times. However, once selected it acurately guided me to my desired location and overall, I was very impressed with the styling (both inside and out), driving ability and specification of the Lexus RX 450h. Thank you again to Lexus Guildford for entrusting me with such a wonderful car for 24h!

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