Why I Sold My 986.2 Porsche Boxster…

Hello everyone!

Welcome to a well overdue blog post! I decided to write this today because I’ve been neglecting this means of communicating with you all. Instead of wasting time with pointless conversational meanderings and digression I’ll jump straight into the main topic – a quick car update…

As some of you may know, for the last 12 months I have owned a 2003 986.2 Porsche Boxster. I bought it from Renaissance Classics after selling my 595 Abarth. Other than the initial ‘I bought a’ video, I really didn’t make much content with my Boxster. That is far from the original plan. I originally wanted to provide a real insight into what it’s like living with the ‘cheapest Porsche available’. So why didn’t I? In all honesty I loved the car so much that I just wanted to enjoy it all to myself without the pressure of having to produce any content on it. It is probably one of the most rewarding cars I have ever driven – the way it can be so accurately and smoothly directed into corners, the satisfying gearbox and beautiful sound the engine makes at around 3500 rpm (it can rev to double that). However, I have to regrettably inform you all that the car has now been sold. I loved my 12 months with it and even took it on a secret European road trip (I didn’t film it because I needed a holiday). I sold the car because I have more important things to spend my money on at the moment and I want something a little more economical to use as my daily.

However, as I feel my insight could be useful for someone who wants to buy one themselves I will provide some information on my experience now. I went from what was essentially a brand new car in the form of my Abarth, to a less modern, proper sports car. I did a lot of research before the transition, but I still fell victim to some basic mistakes….

The first was not realising how quickly the battery gets discharged. If you plan to keep your Boxster dormant for extended periods of time (even as little as a week) you will need to invest in a trickle charger. The CTEK MXS 5.0 worked perfectly for me.

Don’t underestimate the power and rear-wheel drive combination. In the land of hypercars and hyper hatchbacks with almost 400bhp from the manufacturer, a 228bhp convertible doesn’t sound all that impressive. Trust me, it can still catch you out so watch out for over-steer, especially in wet or icy conditions. As such, get some really good quality tires. They don’t have to be N rated like Porsche suggest, but ensure they’re from a reputable manufacturer.Saying that, the car made for an unbelievably fun summer daily. Even after a 10 hour day it was still fun to drive just over 60 minutes back home.

It was far more fuel efficient that I initially thought. At the time of selling it and after driving just over 6000 miles in 12 months the average MPG on the trip was at 32mpg – not bad for a 15 year old naturally aspirated 2.7 straight 6. Additionally, £25 of premium fuel got me around about ¼ of tank or 120 miles depending on how I was driving.Engine oil should be checked regularly using the on-board digital display and the dip stick. Also check the coolant level. This can be found in the same location. Drain holes can also get blocked so ensure you clear them all out.

When doing research myself I read a lot of conflicting reports on the whole IMS bearing issue. My car had over 80k miles with it’s original IMS still intact. I can’t say I heard, smelt or felt any issues with the car whatsoever, but the potential of a documented issue coming alive,even though rated at just 8% of models, still played on my mind. I’d recommend getting it sorted just for that reason – if it hasn’t been done already.

Other than that I had the alloys refurbished, brakes changed (discs and pads) and treated it to a full detail when I bought it (as the cars are quite old I’d recommend this). I tried to clean it once a month and by clean I mean, really give it some attention with good quality pH neutral products, the 2 bucket method and a jet washer. I’d also recommend getting the soft top properly detailed and then protected.

I think that’s pretty much it…

Hopefully I can create a bit more of a ‘story’ with my future car.

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